Matt Biers-ArielMatt Biers-Ariel is a high school teacher in Winters, California and the author of 6 books. His eclectic writing ranges from memoir to novel to children’s books; his topics range from educational reform, to environmental activism, to cycling.

Matt’s latest novel, LIGHT THE FIRE, follows Mo Samson, a 31-year-old former minor league baseball player and current English teacher, as he wars against the world of high-stakes testing. Mr. Samson is a hero to his students, but a relationship with a student extends beyond the classroom door and threatens to both undo him and wreck havoc with the student’s life.

Matt’s penultimate book The Bar Mitzvah and The Beast: One Family’s Cross-Country Ride of Passage by Bike (Mountaineers Press) deals with global warming, humor, religiosity, being with one’s family 24/7 for an entire summer, and the many varieties of Gatorade.

Matt writes satirical essays that can be found in magazines such as The Progressive or Educator. Prior to public school, Matt taught Bible and Jewish texts for 15 years. He describes himself as an agnostic Jew who thinks the Bible is the root of western fiction.

Matt is an empty-nester living in Davis, California. When he isn’t teaching or writing he can often be found river kayaking.